With more than 30 years of experience in ventilation and air-conditioning systems, we have specialized in textile air conditioning components since 1993. From advice, planning and production to service and maintenance.

– deliberately in Germany

100% quality

German raw materials and our local production in the south of Germany form the basis for our sustainable products.

100% service

Experienced employees and direct access to all parts of the value chain ensure our professional service.

The textile air distribution

Advantages &
Fabric &
cooling &

Cost savings

Material costs

up to 60%

The total saving in terms of material costs and installation (initial purchase) is up to 60%.

Advantages of textile air distribution

These are just some of the many advantages of textile air distribution systems over conventional sheet metal installations.

The greatest savings are achieved through both the material costs and the simple and quick installation of textile air ducts. The costs here are only around 40% compared to conventional sheet metal variants. MORE

The permeability of our textile material guarantees draught-free and even air distribution across the entire cooling and heating load range. MORE

Textile air distribution systems can be easily dismantled and then cleaned and hygienically treated simply and cost-effectively. MORE

In our textile air ducts, the fire protection is firmly incorporated into the yarn during the production of the fabric and chemically anchored in it. It is therefore permanent and cannot be washed out. MORE

What we value


Local added value from start to finish. From raw materials to production and service. We have deliberately chosen the Allgäu (in the south of Germany) as our location and only use German materials for our products.



Ecological compatibility is of particular importance to us. The focus is on people and nature - tested processes and materials that do not harm our environment. Our products are also certified to this standard.



Sustainability is one of the most important building blocks in our company philosophy. Our Cradle2Cradle certification covers the entire value chain and begins with the auditing of our suppliers.


"Quality and customer satisfaction are based on perceived responsibility in our own country. Conscious of this mission, we have opted for German raw materials and secure jobs in the German SME sector through in-house production. By not importing from low-wage countries, we are one of the last in our industry to guarantee a socially responsible supply chain."

- Daniel Kienzler -

Our success has made us strong in the industry. Numerous customers rely on our products and solutions. Our expertise is based on many years of experience in ventilation and air-conditioning technology and the textile air distribution system.

Experience pays off

> 30

Years of comfort air conditioning specialist

> 28.000

implemented customer solutions

We have clearly defined our position on the market: quality, service and trust are the standards by which we work. We stand for high-quality, durable and customer-oriented products.

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