Comfort climate –
without compromise

Textile-based air conditioning components
or textile air distribution systems

Textile air ducts are increasingly replacing conventional air conditioning components
made of sheet steel.

The advantages are obvious.


Predestined for comfort air conditioning applications

Textile air distribution systems are ideal for comfort air conditioning applications as they provide draught-free and homogeneous air distribution, which increases comfort in process, work and storage areas. They enable precise temperature control for specific requirements and realize demand-based air humidification, which is particularly important in sensitive environments. This adaptability ensures an optimum indoor climate and health protection. Their flexible design also allows them to be aesthetically integrated into any room design, making them not only functional but also visually appealing.

Significant cost savings

Textile air distribution systems offer significant cost savings compared to traditional sheet metal ducts. They are lighter, which reduces installation costs thanks to easier handling and less assembly work. The acquisition costs are lower because textiles are cheaper to produce and transport. Their flexibility enables cost-efficient adaptation to spatial conditions. They also improve energy efficiency through optimized air distribution, which reduces operating costs. Cleaning and maintenance are easier and cheaper, which offers additional savings potential over the service life.

Short realization times

Textile air distribution systems from Kienzler optimize implementation times thanks to specialized production, which implements individual customer orders within an average of just 14 days. These are dispatched daily via parcel service providers, which ensures fast delivery. During installation, various mounting methods enable adaptable and time-efficient installation tailored to the specific working conditions. This flexibility in installation leads to accelerated completion and commissioning, which is a significant advantage for projects where time is a critical factor.
Functionality –
without fuss or quibble

The use of textile air distribution systems is becoming increasingly important.

The principle of the textile air hose guarantees draught-free and permanently even distribution of the air over the entire cooling and heating load range.
The conditioned air is blown into the air distribution systems via fans.

Due to the permeability of the textile material used, the air escapes at low speed.

Depending on the room or climate requirements, directional outlets such as laser perforation or nozzles can be installed.

This combines the advantages of displacement and recirculation ventilation in one system.

Convincing product features

The product properties result in major advantages, especially for room and large-area air conditioning across the entire cooling and heating range.

Textile ducts / textile air hoses therefore have significant advantages and offer considerable added value compared to conventional air conditioning components

Usable everywhere

Air supply without temperature difference for air exchange at constant
Room temperature.

Air supply with undertemperature
to dissipate heat loads.

Air supply with excess temperature to compensate for heat losses.
Reciprocal application for heating and cooling operation (e.g. summer/winter).